Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wool Stars & Moon

Happy Hump Day

A quick ootd for today. I love when I find full dresses from the thrift store. Dresses can make coming up with outfits so much more easier. Especially when you are on the run.
Sometimes you do not always want to go through tons of pieces mixing and matching, at least I know I don't always feel that way.

Dress: thrifted $.99
belt:thrifted $.99
Wool Hat:thrifted $1.99
Combat Boots:Guess:Ross $20
Socks Dots: $1

 I love pairing this 90s demin mix  dress with combat boots and high socks. Everything is thrifted except combat boots. Yall know I love to show you all a fully thrifted outfit. I take so much pride in that.
The 90s are so back with a bang how are you loving the 90s trend, are you gonna be diving into the colors and combat boots?

<3 Enjoy the rest of the week and stay fashionable

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Liynn_b said...

I am simply going to follow you. I enjoy your blog u have a fun style.

I just realised i posted the incorrect link to my page earlier lol. this one is my actual page:

SheRea DelSol said...

This is of of your best looks. I am putting it in my inspiration folder.... cant wait to recreate this look sometime soon!!

Leah the broke fatshionista said...

Thanks girl can't wait to see what u come.up with

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