Sunday, July 29, 2012

Shhh this is a LIBRARY

Hello lovely Fashionista's

Hope your weekend has been what you were expecting. I spent my weekend relaxing and doing pretty much whatever I wanted. I went out to a romantic dinner date with my beau Friday which was pure bliss and sat down Saturday for the love the summer Olympics... Go USA. Anyway on to the clothes

shirt: Avenue $4.99
Sweater: Kmart $2.99
Skirt:thrifted $.99
Flats:thrifted $1.50
belt:thrifted $.99

No, I purposely wasn't going for the librarian/nerd look. When I went through my closet I picked each of these pieces out and,threw them on and and tadaa here comes the geek chic lol. A cute thrifted skirt and the top and jacket I got both tremendously discounted (I love a good sale). My fav flats that I thrifted awhile back seem to always come in handy. I thought this was so cute after looking at the pics.

I dont usually rock the "nerd/hispter" glasses but I think they fit...what do you think?

Enjoy your week & for constant updates with me follow on instagram bf_dimples

Stay Fashionable <3

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WhatWouldMommyWear said...

You're adorable so geek chic works for you!

Leah the broke fatshionista said...

awww thanks :D

Demetria Mosley said...

Lol! This is actually the look I always go for! I love this on you.

Aina Jaharah said...

The glasses? Well I think they work! All of it works! Good for you on getting the librarista look juuuuuust right!

Aina @ Lib Me Tender

Leah the broke fatshionista said...

Aww thxs shortly after wearing this I broke those glasses lol.

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