Thursday, January 2, 2014

My amazing gifts

Oh yesssss its been too long yall,

Its been so many months since my last post...the blogger literally left the building, but fashionista's I have had the itch for sometime now to get back to my old blogging ways. Our course its all under some new circumstances now,but I love all the new changes that have occurred in my life.

At the hospital Aug 5 midnight getting induced

As the holiday season has passed and we are on to a New Year, I wanted to update you all of course where life took me after my last post Feb 2013, and share some personal pictures of these lie changing moments. With my last post,I left with news that I was expecting and Aug 6 2013 (one week and a day overdue) I gave birth via c-section to a beautiful baby boy, North Yuriah Woods, 8lbs 8oz. I will be sharing my birth story with you all soon. This new mommy journey has been a amazing and rewarding one but also tiring. I am still in school trying to complete my Masters. I am so serious about losing the baby weight (25lbs down so far) so I could wear my coveted items in my closet pre-baby. He is my 1st amazing gift.

Last day at the hospital

My second gift to close out the holidays came in a tiny box.....(drum roll)... my amazing handsome, intelligent ,caring (father of our son) boyfriend PUT A RING ON IT YALL!!!!

We got engaged at 12 am Christmas morning. My fiancee tricked me into opening a single gift at midnight and as I was opening the gift and very much occupied, he had got down on one knee in front of my my close family and and a friend. I was very shocked,no water works but my heart was so melting. I am so truly blessed for all the amazing things 2013 brought and am so excited for 2014 brings and yall better believe the fashions will be continuing. I may even share a few of my preggers fashions before I got to big for my clothes, and a few pics of my lil fashionisto in the making. Thank you all for taking this journey with me and get ready for Act II from Broke Fatshion: Thrifty Lifestyle Blog .

Lots of Love and of course Stay Fashionable,

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Kiwi Blogger said...

Welcome back
And Congratulations on the birth of your gorgeous son and your Engagement

Ashley Walton said...

Welcome back, congrats, you had an amazing 2013! Your son is sooooooooooooo handsome! Cant wait until you post more of him!

Formally now! Giveaway going on now!

Leah the broke fatshionista said...

Thank you so much said...

Cute baby

Siki-Lou said...

Oh man I miss you! Welcome back and CONGRATULATIONS to you and your little family!!! I'm so happy and excited for you and this new journey and I can't wait to see you and your amazing OOTD once again. Much love and blessings for 2014....Mele xoxox said...

They are cute

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