Friday, January 31, 2014

Thrifty Thursdays

Hello Fashionista's

I just had to share my thrift finds this week (its been too long),before Thursday left me. I have not struck it this rich in such a while. I long for the old thrifting days when I had a basket full and it was a struggle to decide what was staying and what would be left behind,(have you experienced this or was it just me teehee).
While I was preggers I was able to curb my thrifting appetite by shopping for the lil one and filling my then genderless babies closet,but I missed thrifting pre-baby. I actually found all my maternity clothes (4 items) from the thrift store but yall know exactly what I mean pre-baby thrifting just check out my thrift post from the past.

Moving right along with my finds for this week and to add on to the plate....these were all .99 cents expect two items,and the non sale two were must haves. My lil one is always along for the ride and I scored him some pants and a full Ralph Lauren Playsuit, as well as 2 cute sweaters and a retro aviator denim bomber,complete with faux fur (sooo cute,cant wait for him to wear this).

Also scored a shirt for my booski,plaid with spaniel dogs on it (i think spaniel), he always loves my finds for him. Yall we are a thrifting family as you can see.

Lastly I scored myself a fun printed blouse and jacket, some velour/velvet overalls (I know say whaaaat), yes they were dark blue and i tried them on and i felt like it was meant to be...I saw exactly how i wanted to wear them, that I cannot wait to share. I always scored some picnic checkboard short jumper/overalls for the summer, yeah I have already started summer shopping,plus I could not pass on .99 cents.

Check out my finds for this week. What is your favorite thing about thrifting?Until next time.

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