Monday, October 10, 2011

The Full Body Photo Project are you in?

Have you heard about the full body project? Its been launched nationwide and spreading like wild fire. The full body photo project has partnered with our favorite curvy girl stores to offer winners $2500 in prizes, in addition to prizes you will get instant gratification from seeing your full wonderful body on facebook. I know a few months ago I hated all pictures any...ANY and all especially full body. I would hide from cameras and hold up my hands becuase I hated they way I looked, but I have learned to embrace this curvy body and I love it. I posted a picture on Facebook to celebrate and joined the movement. I do not get on facebook much and haven't updated my picture in a while so I took that chance to upload some other full body pictures of myself for my photo album.

 This is an amazing movement of positive energy for the curvy girl. We have got to embrace our bodies and let those who like to say hurtful things see our confidence and know we do not give a damn what they think. This is the attitude I have and try to keep everyday I face my closet. The rules that straight society made for plus size of what to wear make you look slimming and what makes you look fatter.... i could care less about, don't feed into that. Wear what you love and want. I am so happy Jessica Kane of Life and Style of Jessica, came up with this project for women of all sizes.

"The modern day woman has so much pressure to be perfect in every way, as a mom, a wife, a woman in general. I feel it's crucial to gather as women and embrace who and what we are. Stop the pressure and just love yourself!" said Jessica Kane, founder of the Full Body Photo Project. 

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If you have not submitted your picture and like this page, there is still time embrace the curves and show us what ya working with girl!!! This promotion runs from Octover 3,2011 until October 14, 2011. 25 will could be you. Enter here .


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Anonymous said...

great project. I might join this

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